Lost Dialogue of Plato Found

What a wealth of riches!  On the heels of the recent discovery of two lost poems of Sappho, I am honored to be able to notify the world that a papyrus with a previously unknown dialogue of Plato has been found!  Scholars are currently calling it On Dirt.  It solves the prickly problem of the Forms of Hair, Mud, and Dirt, as expounded by Socrates and Parmenides in Plato’s Parmenides (130b-d).  Click on the link below for a translation of the *astonishing* new dialogue!

Socrates image

Click on the image for a translation of the newly discovered Platonic dialogue ‘On Dirt’



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4 responses to “Lost Dialogue of Plato Found

  1. ben

    How old is it so we can prove the world isn’t 4000 years old?

    • Ehm, Plato was born in the 420s BCE and wrote his dialogues after the death of Socrates (399 BCE), but I suspect you weren’t entirely serious with your suggestion… 🙂

  2. Indeed, I myself have always wondered what Socrates *really* thought of the EZ-Klean ™. Did he really believe in Dirt-Fighting Formula ™, or did he just promote it because he thought that society would benefit regardless of his own personal inclinations?

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