Pythagorean Week in Berlin (Oct. 19-24) + Sharknado

It is a busy time for scholars working on Pythagoreanism.  A major contribution to Pythagorean studies is taking place in Berlin October 19-24, dubbed Pythagorean Week by the organizers.  Pythagorean Week involves two international conferences, the first conference on Pythagorean Harmonics at ECLA of Bard (Oct. 19-20), and the second conference on Pythagorean Knowledge at the Freie University (Oct. 22-24), punctuated by a ‘Book Celebration’ to be held at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (October 21, 6:00pm, Room 320) to honor several books that have been published on Pythagoreanism in the past year, including my own Plato and Pythagoreanism (Oxford University Press).  


Happily, my only responsibilities include commenting on papers given in the first conference at ELCA of Bard by Leonid Zhmud and Michael Weinman and introducing a new collected volume On Pythagoreanism, edited by Gabriele Cornelli, Richard McKirahan, and Costas Macris, at the ‘Book Celebration’.  I can’t quite say yet whether Pythagorean Week will be on par with Shark Week, or whether it will have its own version of Sharknado – but all that depends on how far we’re willing to take Empedocles’ cosmic zoogony…

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