An important post…

An important post…and unsurprisingly, it’s not by me!  Valentina di Lascio has developed a new philosophical blog series (in Italian) on the importance of practicing philosophy as a way of life.

Hayez' Aristotle (1811), Galleria dell'Academia, Venice

Hayez’ Aristotle (1811), Galleria dell’Academia, Venice

In this inaugural post, di Lascio suggests that the best way of bringing philosophy to those beyond the closed walls of academia lies in the approach to philosophy – in this case, considering it not  a set of esoteric exercises, but rather as a communal practice that requires dedication to serious contemplation of one’s personal life through conversation with friends.  She takes her cue from Aristotle, who claimed that human beings by nature desire knowledge, and the way to understanding goes through the states of confusion that arise out of philosophical conversations, a deeply held conviction of Socrates.


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