And introducing…

You know how in the titles of films, right near the end of the list of actors who will take major roles in the movie, they have the ‘and introducing’ screenshot?  It often refers to a new actor or actress who is getting his/her debut in the film world.  He or she is often portrayed as youthful and wide-eyed, surprised to see that the camera is there, as if to say, ‘well hello, I hadn’t noticed that you’d noticed.’  What has always struck me is how that ‘and introducing’ screenshot could go either way: you might have a total nobody who will remain a total nobody, but it is also possible that you’ll have a Jack Nicholson, or a Jamie Lee Curtis, or even Kevin ‘Thank you Sir, May I have Another’ Bacon.

With that in mind… (drum roll, please)…And Introducing

Book Cover

Plato and Pythagoreanism, by Phillip Sidney Horky (Oxford University Press, 2013).


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One response to “And introducing…

  1. George Boys-Stones

    Congratulations, Phil! It looks splendid (and having had the privilege of a preview, I know it’s an Oscar-winner).

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