Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy Annual Meeting 2013

Wednesday and Thursday, 10th and 11th of April, 2013
Co-hosted in 2013 and 2014 by a Transpennine partnership of the
Universities of Manchester and Leeds

Simon Building, University of Manchester

The conference will meet at the University of Manchester on the 2nd
floor of the Simon Building on the corner of Oxford Rd. and Brunswick
St. (M13 9PL). The conference fee is £30.00 (students attend free of

WEDNESDAY 10th APRIL (1.00-6.00pm)

Dr Phillip Horky (Durham): Xenocrates and Pythagoreanism
Graduate paper: Mr Christopher T. Green (Leeds): The Self in Plato and
Dr Jamie Dow (Leeds): Tragic Emotions in Aristotle

THURSDAY 11TH APRIL (9.30am – 1.15pm)

Theme: Professor Sarah Broadie’s Nature and Divinity in Plato’s
Timaeus (Cambridge, 2012)
Dr Jay Kennedy (Manchester): What is at Stake in Current Debates over
Plato’s Timaeus?
Dr Thomas Johansen (Oxford): Plato’s Timaeus (Dr Johansen has
reviewed Nature and Divinity in Plato’s Timaeus for Notre Dame
Philosophical Reviews).
Professor Sarah Broadie (St. Andrews): Response followed by open discussion

‘Treasures in Ancient Philosophy from the Rare Books Collections’, John Rylands Library, Deansgate (M3 3EH) (3-4pm; optional)

Space is limited to 12 participants, so please reserve a place by
emailing Jay Kennedy. A curator and Jay Kennedy will present a dozen
or so rare books from the University of Manchester’s extraordinary
special collections. The presentation will take place in a small
seminar room to permit close inspection of each volume. There will be
examples of papyri fragments, vellum codices, and early printed books
such as: Ficino’s 1484 Latin Plato; Ficino on Platonic Love; Ficino’s
1492 Latin Plotinus; the first printed Lucretius, one of four
surviving copies of the 1473 Ferrandus edition; Aldine editions of
Plato, Aristotle and Lucretius; Stephanus’ 1578 edition of Plato;
Bekker’s 19th c. Aristotle; and the Billingsley/Dee 1570 edition of

Here is a link to the facebook webpage:

For enquiries and bookings please contact:

Jay Kennedy, Centre for the History of Science, Technology and
Medicine, University of Manchester:;
Elizabeth Pender, Classics Department, University of Leeds:


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